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Be A Finisher

From Steve’s Library 05/2011

John Maxwell tells the story of the scout who called Charlie Graham, when he was managing the Chicago Cubs.  The man was so enthusiastic and excited that he could hardly get the words out.  “Charlie, I’ve just come across the greatest young pitcher I’ve ever seen.  He struck out every man who came to bat.  Nobody even hit a foul ball off this kid until the ninth inning.  I’ve got him right here with me.  Do you want me to sign him Charlie?”

Charlie thought for a minute and said, “No, no, find the guy who hit the foul ball and sign him.  We’re looking for hitters.”

There are a lot of guys who have started in the Christian life and started strong, but God is looking for finishers.  God is looking for men who can finish  strong.

Thanks to the grace of God, you’ve got time to make up a lot of ground.

Steve Farrar

Steve Farrar was the author of many books, including the best-sellers Point Man, Finishing Strong, and Battle Ready: Be Strong and of Good Courage in These Troubled Times.

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