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Leading at Home

From Steve’s Library 07/2004

If a man isn’t a leader anywhere else in his life, he must be a leader at home.

That’s an order that comes straight from the Lord. All believers are called to be salt and light, yet a society without strong male leadership is doomed. I’m not talking about strong male leadership at the capitol building, as important as that may be. Without male leadership in the family, we are one generation away from anarchy in the streets. Much of the turmoil and violence plaguing our society directly results from the absence of a strong male presence in the home.

Christian families with a strong male leader, might be our last hope. No child ever turned to a life of crime or cruelty because he, or she, grew up in the presence of a loving and effective father and husband. When husbands and fathers lead the way they should lead, their families grow stronger. When families grow stronger, society as a whole gets better. It all begins with a strong male leader in the home.

Steve Farrar

Steve Farrar was the author of many books, including the best-sellers Point Man, Finishing Strong, and Battle Ready: Be Strong and of Good Courage in These Troubled Times.

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